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Poniżej przedstawiamy ciekawą propozycja na lato, summer camp w Estonii.
Zainteresowanych proszę o kontakt mailowy

Miłosz Hodun

email: miloszhodun@gmail.com

I am glad to invite You to our summer camp for three sunny and cheerful days with a wonderful lake shore. The event is held on 13-15th of July in Paunvere, Estonia

The fun will start on the 13th with the arrivals of young people from our organization and our foreign friends.

We will have lots of sports and games and over all fun. The main artist will be Ott Lepland, who represented Estonia in the Eurovision this year.

I hope you can come and bring friends from your organization. We would like that all of our friend organizations would be represented by some persons.

Unfortunately we are not able to refund your transportation to Estonia, but when you get to Tallinn airport, than everything will be on us. We will transport you from the airport to the wonderful countryside of Estonia in Paunvere for a true Estonian summer. Also we will transport you back to the airport on the last day.
I can send the excact schedule soon!

szota.biz  ★