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A Union Without Barriers

While we enjoy the benefits of the free flow of people, services, commerce and capital within the EU, and travel, work and learn within it freely, we have yet to reach our goal of a unified market. What about cross-Union standards for school diplomas? What about bureaucratic barriers? Why must we pay for cell phone roaming if so many providers are pan-EU?

There are still many barriers to be taken down. Working with Members of the European Parliament Róża Thun and Rafał Trzaskowski, the Projekt: Polska Association is helping the people decide which changes will be implemented.

Let’s take initiative during the Polish presidency, and show Europe that we have an idea for a better Union.

Join us and help promote one of the many propositions by organizing local events and collecting signatures under a manifest. Winners will be able to present their ideas to the most important European politicians at the Internal Market Forum in Cracow in early October, as well as win a number of prizes.

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