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35th Anniversary of the Formation of the Worker’s Defense Committee

The Worker’s Defence Committee (KOR) was a Polish civil society group established in reaction to the workers’ protests of June 1976, their subsequent imprisonment and the repressions that followed. KOR was not only the first social organisation free of state controls in communist Poland, but also a crucial prerequisite for the freedom revolution in Poland. Without KOR there would have been no Solidarity, no elections in 1989, and therefore no modern Poland.

Our project aims to inspire young people to get actively involved in civic activities by encouraging them to learn about a fascinating group of other young people, who many years ago had the courage to make a difference in the realm of communist Poland.  Celebrating the anniversary of the formation of KOR should also spark discussion about contemporary problems of Polish social life. In addition to the local aspect, we would like to provide the experiences of people who ‘made the change’ to those from behind our Eastern border who are still struggling with their own transformation.

The project will employ a media-rich website, large youth meetings and workshop availability for schools

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