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About Us

Who are we?


Projekt: Polska are people who are dreaming of a modern, open, and liberal Poland. Those, to whom a democratic, effective and citizen-friendly government is a key goal, and who help accomplish this goal while enjoying themselves, forming new friendships, and furthering their own interests.

The Projekt: Polska Association is a democratic, nationwide membership-based organization open to anyone, a decision-making environment composed of twenty-one local circles working to better their local communities, and over 300 activists cooperating for the achievement of common goals.

The Projekt: Polska Foundation is our framework, a group of professionals with immense experience in direct action: entrepreneurs, leading NGO heads, civil servants.

The Projekt: Polska Digital Center is a think-and-do tank providing a cooperative environment for digital society experts in Poland, with specific interest in the digital aspect of civil service.

Projekt: Polska is a chance for the youth to prepare themselves for participation in public life through actual action; a chance for professionals, who entered working age after 1989, to use their experience in public matters and provide their knowledge to the youth without having to cease continuing their careers; a chance for experts in the fields of civil administration and higher education, as well as societal leaders, to make their voices be heard in public debate.


Together, we are stronger.


Join us!

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